Slab Leaks, Pipe leaks, Fixture Leaks, Appliance Leaks

leak detectionRerouting

  • Slab Repairs
  • Repair or Replace Fixtures
  • Repair or Replace Appliances
  • Repair or Replace Outside Lines

  • Leaks cost money not just from the repair cost but the damage that a leak can do. Leaving a leak unrepairable can cause extensive damage to your slab and fountain not to mention the interior of your home or problems

    Mold, damaged walls, damaged flooring, ruined carpets, and unsafe conditions can occur when a leak occurs.
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    Is Your Money Going Down the Drain?

    Fixing leaks and problem fixtures such as sinks, toilets, showers, and leaking pipes can save you money.

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    Here's how much water would be wasted (numbers may be rounded):

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